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May 5, 2011

Well One Down

by lukestrawn

I decided to wait a couple of days before writing anything on the death of Osama.  First I hope it brings some closure to all the people that were affected by the attacks he ordered, obviously 9-11 being the largest one.  I have read and heard a few things that I thought were interesting.  First it was also announced on May 1st that Hitler had committed suicide, so a pretty good day in history again.  Another thing while I am all for arming other groups/countries to fight wars we probably have no business being in the first place.  Seriously can we have a little more oversight on the leaders of these groups?  OBL came to power in Afganistan when we armed him to fight the Soviet Union.  Last thing on this topic, I would like spend a night drinking beer with guys from Seal Team Six.  Since I am war novel junkie, I had heard of them before.  But I have been reading a little about them since this happened.  If there are bigger studs on the face of this earth I haven’t heard of them.  By the way they would never tell any of us what they do for a living, but if they did we all owe them at the very least a beer.

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