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Wow I didnt realize it had been so long since I last posted.  My day really started off well, because I came out and found this next to my car.

Its been a busy summer at the Strawn house, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon.  Quick update on everyone.  Turner played a lot of baseball this summer, and recently had to have some ear surgery.  He is recovering well and I think he is actually excited about going back to school next week.

Shelby Kate and her mom (aka Coach Paige) have just started cheerleading.  I promise more pics and video will be posted throughout the fall.

Mack continues to do something everyday that makes me sorry for all the stuff I put my Mom through.  You can see in his eyes he is just looking for something to get into.  The new haircut makes it worse.

I have this irrational fear I am going to forget Blane somewhere because he is so quiet and good.  I think God knew we would need an easy one behind Mack.

Do any other parents anticipate the first day of school, like you anticipated the last day of school when you were a kid?

At McGraw it has been a busy summer as well.  We continue to be #1 in this part of Oklahoma.  The Tulsa area was recently ranked in the Top 5 places to buy a house in the country.  Our title company recently became FirsTitle and Abstract services which will now be one of the largest in the state.  The mortgage and insurance companies are doing great and will also have some big news coming out over the next weeks and months.  The grass is very green at McGraw.

One of our great associates at McGraw Realtors (Beth Rengel) recently shared this video with me.

Obviously its extra special to me, but I think it has something for anyone that is in a customer service business.  What is your “Thought of the Day”?  Just a quick warning on this video, you might want to be alone when you watch it.

This past Sunday I committed to invite at least two people to Lifechurch.  I figure there is at least two people besides my mom that read this.  So we would really like for you to join us we also have Saturday night services too.  And yes you can wear shorts.